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Education for Ministry (EFM)

Mondays, 6:30-9pm beginning in September

EFM logo

EFM is a learning program created and administered by the School of Theology, University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee. The program reflects the basic Anglican belief that God is working in the world and in your life.

EFM enables you to learn more about God and yourself by relating history, culture and scripture to your own experience of the world.

EFM believes that your experience is a primary resource for your theological education.

Over four years of study, worship and personal reflection with a group of 6-12 other people, you will share your insights and discoveries about who God is and what God is saying to you.

EFM at Resurrrection

Beginning September 2019, meetings will be from 6:30-9pm each Monday.

Each student enrolls for one year at a time. Tuition is $375 per year. Partial scholarships may be available. Please do not hesitate to ask about how we can help you be part of EFM by helping to find funding for you, or by finding a class which meets at a more convenient time for you at a church in the Salt Lake valley, or even by getting you connected with an online group.

We study
We worship
We laugh.

Yes, EFM is a big commitment. We meet three hours per week for 34 weeks each year! This commitment to spend time with the Word and each other is what makes the program work so well.

Registration deadline is August 1st

EFM Study Topics

  • The Hebrew Scriptures
  • Discovering your own theology (everyone has one, you know!)
  • The History of Israel
  • The Wisdom Literature
  • The Exodus-Sinai Event
  • The Themes of Creation, Sin, Judgment and Redemption
  • Biblical Criticism and the Gospels
  • Church History:
    • The Early Church Fathers
    • The Medieval Church
  • Bringing your faith into dialogue with your daily life
  • Historical development of Theology
  • Greek culture and the Roman Empire
  • The Letters of St. Paul
  • The process of Theological Reflection
  • Early Liturgical Development and more!

If you are interested in enrolling in EFM, please contact our mentor, Don McShane or the church office.