Sunday Morning Ministries

Assignments and descriptions of duty for our Sunday morning Sunday Morning Ministries.

Don’t forget to sign up for Sunday ministries – email the church office to let us know when you are available. Have questions? Let us know! If you see something that is inaccurate, needs to be added or if you need to exchange dates with someone else for various assigned duties, again, please contact the church office.

Alms Sunday is every 3rd Sunday of the month. Every quarter, our outreach committee chooses a different non-profit group in our community that is doing God’s work. Alms this quarter will be donated to Safe Harbor Crisis Center. We also accept non-perishable food items in the entryway, which will be donated to the Bountiful Food Pantry,

Don’t forget to sign up for Sunday ministries – email Heather to let her know when you are available. Have questions? Let us know!

October 4

First Lesson: Ashley Gurling
Second Lesson: Hall Blankenship
Temperature Taker: Michelle Coon
Usher 1: Michael Coon
Usher 2: Ranée Hollinger
Greeter: Dale Ann Petersen

October 11

First Lesson: Michael Cena
Second Lesson: Anne Blankenship
Temperature Taker: Katie Harwood
Usher 1: Dan Bammes
Usher 2: Michelle Coon
Greeter: Catherine Higgins

October 18

First Lesson: Dan Bammes
Second Lesson: Mary Anne Chesarek
Temperature Taker: Dale Ann Petersen
Usher 1: Richard Chesarek
Usher 2: Michael Cena
Greeter: Ashley Gurling

October 25

First Lesson:  Lisa Jensen
Second Lesson: Barbara Thompson
Temperature Taker: Barbara Finn
Usher 1: Karl Petersen
Usher 2: Adrian Gustai
Greeter: Katie Harwood

Description of Duties

Usher #1 — Get to church by 9:45. Help people with taking their lawn chairs out of the car and to the worship site. Watch for latecomers.

Usher #2 — Get to church by 9:45. Help people set up their seating 6 ft. away from another household.

Temperature taker — Get to church by 9:45. Recruit someone to help you move the table from the parish hall to the entrance to the worship site. Take touchless temperatures as people arrive. (hold the thermometer 1/2 inch from their foreheads) Anyone with a temp over 100.4 should go home. After the service begins, watch for latecomers and take their temps. Take the collection plate with you and join the group for worship. Following the service, take the table back into the parish hall. Leave the masks, wipes, etc. on the table. Take the attendance, collection plate into the office and leave them on the office table — or find Lyn.

Greeter — take attendance on sheet provided on the clipboard found on the table. Make sure people have masks and pick up a bulletin. Assist in any way you can.