Lent V Wednesday

Holy God, as you have touched us,
may we now touch others with your love:

The oppressed and the persecuted,
crying out for the liberating touch of justice
Touch them with your justice in us

The poor and the outcast,
crying out for the life-giving touch of compassion
Touch them with your compassion in us

The battered victims of war and violence,
crying out for the healing touch of peace
Touch them with your peace in us

The lost and the lonely,
crying out for the welcoming touch of friendship
Touch them with your friendship in us

The prisoners of their own fear and cruelty,
crying out for the generous touch of mercy
Touch them with your mercy in us

And those we love
crying out for the continuing touch of love
Touch them with your love for us

May our lives be the place where you touch us, and we touch others in your name, for you are the source of our life and love.

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