Meet Us

Rev Lyn Zill Briggs


The Rev. Lyn Zill Briggs became the vicar of Resurrection in 2009. She is passionate about engaging people of all ages with God’s word and God’s purpose. In order to help children and adults alike to connect with the scriptures , she authored God’s Word My Voice, a Lectionary for Children, published by Church Publishing, Inc. Since 2015, she has served across the nation as a trainer of mentors for the EfM program, which encourages people to embrace theological thinking as they become more and more open to God’s presence in their lives. Lyn is a certified scuba diver and looks forward to diving in the many exotic locations of God’s glorious creation.

Church Staff

Heather Singley is our church secretary.

Choir and Music

Mr. Scott Rowley – Director of Music and Organist

The parish has a Baldwin Grand Piano and Johannus WM-44 custom 2-manual organ. The choir sings twice a month during services. The choir also participates in yearly community music concerts and civic activities.

2022 Bishop’s Committee

The Bishop’s Committee meets on the third Sunday of each month.

  • Vicar – The Rev. Lyn Zill Briggs
  • Assisting Priest –The Rev. Suzanne Miller
  • Senior Warden – Dr. Mike Cena
  • Junior Warden – Don Pritchard
  • Treasurer – Lisa Jensen 
  • Clerk – Joan Reid
  • Dan Bammes
  • Catherine Higgins 
  • David Lederer
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